Sunday, 19 February 2012

"Taken!" alternate title "Dredging up excuses to go to Spotlight"

We watched "Taken" last night.  

Liam, you are my hero.

The Princess will never go overseas without an approved chaperone, self defense classes and a mask to hide her prettiness.  I may even teach her to walk with a hunch and definitely look into stage makeup, you know, the kind where they put scars and warts.  Stuff it, I'll just get her to learn full on zombie makeup.

The Princess has agreed to most of this. 

She also had nightmares from the movie and slept in our bed.  At 12, this is getting a bit squishy, so I made my way to her extremely comfy bed and snuggled down.  To wake up at 5 am in agony, my neck so stiff that ninja's could do their "karate chop that breaks bricks" on it and have their hands bounce back in pain.

That is one kick-ass awful pillow she's been using.


  1. My Princess is 5 years younger than yours, so could we borrow the fake hunch and the make-up when you're done with it?

  2. LOL, Toni, absolutely.
    So scary, isn't it?

  3. I loved this movie! So much that I bought a copy when I saw it at JBHiFi for a very low price. I love Liam Neeson.
    I have no need to worry about my "princesses" if they go overseas. One has a husband who goes with her and the other made one trip to Bali and was airsick the entire trip there and back again. She said she's never leaving Australia again!