Sunday, 26 February 2012

Loves me, loves me not

To eat the Magnum Gold ice cream that is sitting, so cold and delicious in the freezer, belonging to no one and tempting me, or not to?  That is today's question.

Just imagining the icy delight of the smooth, golden honeycomb/chocolate outer layer, quickly gaining a frosty sheen in this humid weather, licking it for that first sensual delight of taste.  The coldness of the chocolate means you barely get a hint of the taste sensation to come, but there is that hint... and that amazing smell.

However, I am allergic to dairy and I know that eating this will cause me tummy bloating, pain, tiredness, swelling and other unpleasant reactions.  Nice.

Thinking about how fun the first bite is, the frozen choc-honeycomb coating cracking is like the wonderful fun I had wearing my big sister's gumboots so I could jump into an ice covered puddle to hear and feel the ice crackle and slip downwards under my feet.

Some of my teeth are sensitive to cold, this bit can be, well, painful.  Masochism.

Then that fresh smell, crisp and clean like rainfall on cherry tree leaves, of vanilla and iced milk.  The first bite, icy cold and creamy, sugary deliciousness bursting over my taste buds.  Savour this one.

Sugar.  Too much sugar at once and I sometimes get that weird little jolt from my ovarian cyst as something horrid goes on inside me and I know by nightfall, it will be causing more pain, irritating my bladder, sending that ache down my leg and lethergy through my system.  Misery.

Licking the soft, melting part of the ice cream, flavour in full swing, feeling that so satisfying contentment of this single moment.  Memories of childhood, unpacking groceries, Mum pulling out the ice cream and opening it, saying mock-sadly to my sister and I, "Oh dear, the edges are melted, if we put it back in they will go icy....spoons, girls!) and we would scoop up the deliciously gooey ice cream till only the well frozen centre was left and giggle.

Sugar gives me hives.  Irritating.

Coolness.  34 degree day, sun heating the closed blinds till they are to hot to touch.  The chill of the ice cream would rush through my veins, providing blissful relief.

I am 25 kgs overweight, one Magnum is 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer and I have to fit into the "ugly stepsister costume" for our hoops act next weekend.  Guilt.

Today.  The ice cream stays in the fridge.  But it will be there tomorrow.  Who knows which way the battle will go then?

What is your temptation?  Food, books, tv, shoes.  (OMG. shoes)  How do your battles go?

I still really want that ice cream. *sighs*


  1. Shoes, jewels, garments made out of impractical ethnic beaded fabrics, big floppy stylish hats...

    All of which stay untouched in the wardrobe as I wear my mum uniform of trucker caps and clothes made out of all manner of stretch jersey!

    Damn I want an ice-cream now!

    1. Love the impractical fabrics!

      Tiny baby fists clamped around necklaces and dangly earrings do put a damper on jewelery. I haven't worn a watch since I started breastfeeding and it would leave a red mark on Princess' face. I just didn't get around to wearing them again.

      Stretch Jersey... So much of that in my wardrobe, too!

    2. Yes, damn babies and their dampeners. My bangles do get some time to shine on little chubby arms with fists raised to the air to prevent bangles escaping.

      Poor Andy stares dumfounded as I stand in front of my bursting wardrobe in my beigeys declaring that I have nothing to wear.
      It really translates to "I have nothing to wear to this everyday boring shit that we do, and tonnes of stuff that I could wear if we ever did something awesome."

  2. ROFL... My wardrobe is full of Circus costumes and Ball gowns, so I totally relate.

  3. You've listed the bad reactions you'll get from the Magnum, yet you're still contemplating eating it?
    Here's a question: why did you buy it knowing you couldn't/shouldn't eat it?
    Here's a solution: have one bite, then hand it over to hubby or child.

    My temptation is also icecream, but plain vanilla from a tub. I still eat it, but now much smaller servings. Because I really do want to fit back into that favourite skirt.

    1. River, your soul sounds like a healthy one, with respect for the body you live in and an understanding of consequences. Mine is like a two year old that is chasing a butterfly only to get distracted by the light sparkling of dew drops on a daisy.

      I really like ice cream. Really, really, really like it. No one knew I was allergic to dairy until I was 18. so I had a long time to indulge in and fall desperately in love with that creamy taste. And, then... for over 12 years, I had to avoid it. At 30... depression hit and I was seeking something, anything, to make me feel better. Ice cream made me happy for those few minutes. And then made it worse. This is my ongoing dilemma, a daily struggle.

      I buy them because Princess doesn't eat dairy during the week, but can have an ice cream and a block of cheese over the weekend. They are cheaper in packs of 4, so for three weeks, they sit there, teasing me. The next week, is a little easier. ;-)

      Small servings are an excellent solution!

      (also, loving the new reply button on blogger!)

  4. *Knowing Grin* As I was reading through your scrumptiously sinister description of that ice cream, I found myself totally glazing over the awful consequences in italics - as though my own complete lack of willpower was doing a fine job tuning that part out!

    My own temptations? Good lord, where to begin.... Long gaudy earrings despite already having torn a hole clean through one of my ear lobes, miserably high heels to counter my phobias of being so short & stout - the ultimate one? Cheese enchiladas. I could eat them all day every day (and by the looks of me, I HAVE!) purrrrrrrrrrrr *droooooool* *sigh*

    1. Yes, you totally get it. :-D

      Oooh, that made me cringe and then think about the fun of earrings that sway and how fun that is.
      High heels are such an ego boost and a back ache. I miss being able to wear them, but love the effects of minimised back pain... I am understanding this one!

      Mexican Food! Of the Yum!
      I forsee the two of us (being bad influences on each other) getting along very well. ;-)

    2. BWAHAHAHAHA I'm always on the hunt for another bad influence so I'm pleased as punch to have found you! You hit the nail on the head - if loving it all is so very wrong, I don't wanna be right! I also don't want the consequences, so I simply pretend they don't exist and pay MIGHTILY for it all later! Rinse & Repeat ;)

  5. Magnum gold sounds like a condom, no?

    1. Now it does. Thanks. :-p
      Better than those fruit flavours anyday...

  6. Oh my. Great writing. That ice-cream sounds irresistible. I would be spending the money and getting just a single. Then wheedlling for just one bite. The alternative sounds so painful!

    1. Thank you!
      I do occasionally buy the Mini Magnum packs. Of the peppermint... *drools* (eating a raw carrot right now - win for the will power!)