Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Clawing my way back to the holidays

One week back into school and we are exhausted.  
In pain. 
Screaming at each other. 
Then after both storming off, slamming doors and sulking, coming back together to curl up and fall asleep because I apologised, wasn't mad at her, just I had no energy left to control my temper and was proud that Madam of the Shy had stood up to her Mama of Tantrum.

Hubby's all relaxed and sending pictures from his camping event so his wifey doesn't become a complete mess left all alone.  *ignores the comments of too late*   Wanna see?

So now I know who... um what he hangs with when I am not close by to defend my place by his side.  Damn her for having better nails than me!

The bus trip to school every day is literally "doing my back in".  Princess of Scoliosis has a sore back as well.

Abdominal work is our plan for, we have pottery and hoop class. 
Abdominals are on the agenda for, we have her friend over and Dungeons & Dragons*.  
Abdominal exercises are our Friday night activity!  Yes! 

Then we will make a plan and do five minutes every morning.

'Cos her new school ROCKS and we have to get over this hurdle.

I love the "happy daughter" that is coming home from this new school and will work very hard to keep the daughter in this state.

*Yes, I'm a nerd.  I like physics, too.  Live long and prosper.  These are not the Droids you seek.  All that.

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  1. Looks like we are having the same week.

    For the same reasons.

    We shall rock this shizzle.