Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Behave - they might be watching

It's funny, knowing people other than Jayne and Sam read this blog.
Like, now I want to whinge that my girly time of the months* is HURTING me and I want to scream, just a (lot) little.

But I prolly shouldn't, cos you are all out there now. 
And is good to get the girly time, cos it means the ovarian cyst will calm down for a week or two.  And that it isn't so big that things are not working.  Licorice tea and fibre.  This is how I defeat the evil cystula that is trying to take over my reproductive system, one ovary at a time.

I have to hoop at class tonight.  Last rehearsal before Knox Fest. 
Performing with tears of agony running down my face is an acceptable look, yes?

*months because my cycle is moody and dependent upon the whims of the cyst. 2 months is fairly normal, with the second month being painful and swollen and horrid.


  1. You poor kid... joys of womanhood. I must try the licorice tea. Have the occasional ovarian cyst too. hope you hoop night went fine. xo

    1. Thanks, love your description, joys of womanhood.
      The tea is lovely, I hope it can help you too. Quite a few people have ovarian cysts (I've only noticed since I've had them), and I was talking to an 18 year old yesterday who has them.
      Hoop night was great, very painful at first, but we had so much fun, it distracted me. I can get the hoop down to my knees and back up now! Love learning a new skill. :D

  2. ((hugs)), ((hugs)), and more ((hugs))... My heart aches for you and your pain. I only recently had the "joy" of bursting ovarian cysts and finally had to relent to a hysteroscopy (which is odd as they shouldn't have been THAT related, but I was medicated, and naively trusting!).

    As for behaving knowing THEY'RE watching - goodness, that seems to be when I inexplicably throw all caution & good sense to the wind!!! I have to remind my 'Ol Man NEVER to alert me that I'm being watched for I'm likely to panic and fly off into a state of berserk!

    Hang in there, Beautiful - good things are WAY overdue your way! xo

  3. I will always love the our most feminine physical attribute has the core meaning of hysterical.
    Thanks, oh I needed your hugs today, so much pain and so much to get done! So sorry to hear you also enure this agony, I hope their camera perving on your innards told them useful information.
    *giggles* Panicking cos you are being watched sounds quite reasonable to me. I usually go extremely formal and well behaved. Blah. Till they get bored and go and watch someone more interesting. It has made performing with the circus quite challenging. ;-)

    Thanks again and I do have lots of good things in my life, I will have to write about them soon.

  4. Thank you for visiting my simple little blog. I thought I'd reciprocate and see what you're all about. I'll have a little browse around if that's okay with you.
    I can extend symathies for the girly troubles, but don't really understand as I never had any real pain with mine. Which doesn't make me any less thankful that my time is long over, being 60 on my next birthday.

    1. Congrats for your upcoming Birthday! You have ten more years before you have to start being a grown up. ;-p