Thursday, 19 January 2012

When Gigglers Attack

I is hiding in the bedroom.

The Invasion of the Gaggle of 12 Yr Old Gigglers is complete.

My retreat is official. Even my adored and anti-social Diva cat defected from my side to sleep at the feet of the 12 yr old with the satin sleeping bag. And looked smug about it.

Sleepover Joys!

1. Princess is having that fun summer I was aiming for! Yeah!

2. The Wii, computer and DS have all been completely ignored.

3. Water fights in the front yard require extreme amount of squealing and screaming.

4. They don't fight. They do debate. With no personal attacks.

5. These beautiful, nearly highschoolers are so confident and relaxed in themselves when away from all the peer pressure.

I want to give them MORE time like this, MORE time where they can explore who they want to be. So they can take that knowledge with them into that terrifying world of High School.

6. They still play with their dolls! Love it! The dolls are all Monsters/Vampires/Mummies and not a Barbie in sight, but still!

7. Not sure what the "running around the house, shutting/opening doors and squealing" game was last night, but it was also loud and for a mother of a singleton, a little bit intimidating.

This is the point when my brave defence of the Lounge room weakened and an orderly retreat to the bedroom was planned.

8. She has the best friends. Not perfect, but such characters.

9. I set 1:30am as bedtime and at that time they all got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Even I re-read that last one and waited for the punchline!

It is 9 am. I is still hiding. But I go now to valiantly begin my "Reclaiming Mission", with a first, small guerilla attack. I go to reclaim my Diva Cat.
I shall use the Top Secret weapon, known as Salmon.

*ten minutes later* The Diva is mine, The Gigglers are non the wiser!

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