Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Trivial Updates

Make the hot go away.

In other news:
My daughter no longer believes that her Father and I know everything. Fortunately we have been telling her that for years, so she's not very devastated.

The Diva Cat desperately wants to sit on me, but gets too hot and goes back to lie on the cooler floor.

I have already failed my New Years resolution of Hula Hooping every day.

I am having fun getting years worth of "interupted reading" revenge on my Hubby, as he delves into John Birmingham's latest novel, "Angels of Vengence." I have been reading out the better "#lessambitiousbooktitles from Twitter to him. And getting his attention before each one. Now he has put down his book in defeat. Hehehe.

He just announced he is at page 273 and has lost count of the number of fatalities. Which makes him happy as he had reached page 40 with nary a violent scene, not even a paper cut, to his great confusion. It looks like the extra violence that John Birmingham added in his final edit is appeasing this specific part of "the masses".

We have survived the sleepover. Only four girls, with much less junk food than expected and a marvellous water pistol fight. Or two. I am always impressed with this group, they can be together for days at a time and there are no fights. No dramatic stomping off to sulk or fume at some slight. No hysterics about who ate the most chips, or who is cheating at Mario Kart because the other is winning, no put downs because of differences. Just working together, supporting each other and taking turns.

In fact they even discussed each others "driving style" in Mario Kart.

I worry they are more mature than I am. Or maybe I am delighted! Or both.

Nothing like the sleepovers I used to have. ;-)

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