Monday, 16 January 2012

How old was your baby when she/he started sleeping through the night?

Sleep is such an amazing thing.

I have been doing ridiculous amounts of it and I can slowly feel the energy, both physical and emotional, building up again. Last year was so intense and draining (lots of fun in there too) with funerals and circus performances, Princess's high school search and that big nasty budget to stick to. I hit New Years Eve with no energy reserves at all.

My mind has been lightheartedly playing with ideas for our next Circus performance, ideas for some craft pretties, ideas for writing. It's niiiiiiiice.

Princess has been sleeping a lot, too.

I think I have been waiting 12 years to say that. "My baby is finally sleeping through".

Our little bounce has been jumping up when I enter the room, her hair bouncing with her, swooshing (gently cos she knows her Mama is fragile) over to me for a hug and saying, with a hint of astonishment, "I'm happy, Mama. I just feel happy".

For the last three days, Princess and I have watched her before bed routine, to see what she is doing that is helping her sleep. Staying up late, reading in bed and writing in bed, seem to be the keys. So, if we can shift the staying up late a couple of hours so she can still be getting up early enough for school, and really sink this routine into her brain to mean "sleep", maybe, just maybe... my not so lil High Schooler will have some energy throughout the year.

I think the having so many friends visit and no set activities is helping. We tend to be quite busy during the school week. We will have to drop Guides and add some more relaxation to her week. My delicate Princess looked horrified at the thought of dropping Aerial at Circus or stopping playing Dungeons & Dragons, but gleeful at dropping Guides!

The thought is wandering through my head that it is also the lack of car travel. Both of us feel better when we are not in a car. A hint of car sickness, plus the pressure it puts on our dodgy backs. For the next 6 years, Princess will be bussing into school, 30 mins either way. Fingers crossed that's not going to be draining.

Time to get started on the day, with hours of painting D&D minatures ahead of us!

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  1. "I'm happy, Mama. I just feel happy".

    The most beautiful words ever spoken.