Thursday, 26 January 2012

Click goes the iPod, Click, Click, Click.

It has finally, gleefully and naturally happened.
My little girl has discovered the joy of having a camera.

Having a fascination with photography myself, I had wondered if she would share it, but I may have taken a thousand or two too many while she was young. She began to run when ever she saw the camera. Hide. Pout and say NO!

Promises by Mama were made to only take photo's until she got the one where everyone was smiling and not blinking and then the camera would go away... lest the most adorable Princess no longer allow any photos to be taken. *gasp of Mama horror*

But today...
Oh such joy in her taking them and so much more joy in my delight in her art.

Shiny Tuxedo Boy.

"Look Mama, I was photographing the light!"
4 years of Uni it took me to understand that photography is all about the light.
She is so awesome.

My Ancient Diva.

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