Sunday, 29 January 2012

Total Boob

boob1 Slang
1. an ignorant or foolish person; booby
2. Brit an embarrassing mistake; blunder
3. a female breast *he he he*

I take care to surround myself with groups of people so that when I say something silly, it can get lost in the crowd.

After spending time with friends, I go home and pull apart what I said, cringing over the ridiculous moments where I wish I had just kept my mouth shut, cos it was not in any way connected to my brain at that point. More and more, I keep my mouth shut.

I misinterpret, mis-hear and suffer the consequences. Later, I realise what was meant/said and hope that they weren't offended by the sudden change of topic. I suspect I often leave people a little confused, especially when I talk about being emotional fragile when they were referring to being physical fragile.
That was a fun topic shift.

Then there are the inappropriate comments. Looking at some mega sparkly stretch sequins *squeeeeeeeeeeee sparkliness* that come on a roll 30 cm wide *30 cms of pure delight*, which I have always longed for and thought it would be so awesome to make a boob tube out of it, if I was younger, thinner, etc. He duly admired it and asked "but what could he do with it?" So, because my brain was busy thinking "SHINY!", it forgot to think twice and speak once, out of my ditzy mouth came the reply, "make a boob tube".

Stretchy sparkly goodness!

Of course. Cos what else might one suggest to a 6 ft something male? It would be the first thing that came to mind for most people, wouldn't it? Go on, be nice to me and say it was your first idea, too?
He looked strangely at me, asked what I thought he would do with a boob tube, and I ducked around the corner to desperately and intently admire some lace with nice beading. Or maybe to avoid answering. The shiny white beads totally looked red as they reflected my glowing cheeks.

It is nice to have friends. My best friend once commented that the "people who stay my friends are the people who will put up with me and my madness".
Cheers to the universe for tolerant friends!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Click goes the iPod, Click, Click, Click.

It has finally, gleefully and naturally happened.
My little girl has discovered the joy of having a camera.

Having a fascination with photography myself, I had wondered if she would share it, but I may have taken a thousand or two too many while she was young. She began to run when ever she saw the camera. Hide. Pout and say NO!

Promises by Mama were made to only take photo's until she got the one where everyone was smiling and not blinking and then the camera would go away... lest the most adorable Princess no longer allow any photos to be taken. *gasp of Mama horror*

But today...
Oh such joy in her taking them and so much more joy in my delight in her art.

Shiny Tuxedo Boy.

"Look Mama, I was photographing the light!"
4 years of Uni it took me to understand that photography is all about the light.
She is so awesome.

My Ancient Diva.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Kittens Annonymous

For various reasons, I went to the A.A. site tonight, to read the signs of alcholism.
While I was delighted to realise I don't have this problem with alcohol, it occurred to me that I may have an addiction in another area.

To test out my theory, I changed the topic of the "12 questions" and tested myself.

1 - Have you ever decided to stop searching online animal shelters for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?

First question and already I'm in trouble. I even search American and UK sites, just to look at the kittens and cats that need new homes. Also to cheer when they put up that lovely "adopted" stamp. Aren't these two precious? Sooo want...

Celeste & TreasureID # C39448 & C39449
Breed: Bumilla
Sex: Female
Age: 8 Years
Colour: Shaded Brown

Location: Coldstream - Ph: 9739 0300
About Me:
Celeste and Treasure are two gorgeous Burmilla girls who need to go home together. They are small in size but big in personality! They both have stunning pale green eyes and are the queens of head butts. Celeste loves a tummy rub! These friendly indoor cats are used to being part of the family and have lived with dogs and children.

2 - Do you wish people would mind their own business about your cats-- stop telling you what to do?

Ummmm, my Marmie and Hubby are always saying "No More Cats" and I wish they wouldn't... So this one is me too.

3 - Have you ever switched from one kind of pet to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting more cats?

*eyes glaze over with tedium at the thought of perhaps a bird or puppy* Innocent of this one!

4 - Have you had to have an eye-opener upon awakening during the past year?

I was considering that waking up and being unable to get out of bed due to my cats all sleeping on me was a difficult awakening.

This is MY Bed. Remember that.
I may share it with you... if I get cold.

5 - Do you envy people who can keep more cats without getting into trouble?

There have been various social events when I realised my Diva cat had absolutely no manners, would happily claw her way up to the shoulder of whichever random person's shoulder she chose to honour that moment, causing much pain and several guests to flinch with anticipated agony when she walked near them. It would be nice to offer guests a pain free visit.

6 - Have you had problems connected with felines during the past year? Be honest! Have they been fighting with the neighbours, missing the kitty litter, coming home pregnant?

You mean not everyone cleans up cat poop from an ancient burmese cat who simply prefers to go next to the kitty litter as part of their morning "wake up and make the house smell bearable" routine?

7 - Has your desperately wanting another kitten caused trouble at home?

*looks shiftily away from your eyes* Mayyyyyyyyybeeee.

8 - Do you ever try to get "extra" pats from friends cats and kittens because you do not get enough at home?

I even find myself searching out the cat/s before saying hello to all the humans. I might even take photos of myself with their cats.

Such a pretty and affectionate Furbaby.

9 - Do you tell yourself you can cope without a new kitten any time you want to, even though you keep adopting cats when you don't mean to?

Wanna Kitten!!

10 - Have you missed days of work or school because of your cats?

Yes, and social activities and sleep and the best seat in the house and occasionally food when a quick, deft Kitty has decided to taste it before me.

11 - Do you have "blackouts"?

Didn't know how to adapt this to cats? Maybe memory loss from having tripped over one of them? No.

12 - Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not have cats?

No. My house may smell better, I may have less scars and oozing wounds, friends with allergies could visit, but no. Love my furry little critters.

So. Out of 12, I got 10. It only take 4 on the A.A. site to consider that you have a drinking problem, so I have to concede that I have a kitten problem. I shall have to start a Kittens Annonymous group. We could meet at the local Animal Shelter, in the Kitten's Room, every Sunday...

Wanna kitten. *sigh*

Love my cats.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Circus Circus Circus.
First day back.
The world is a better place. :-D

And YES!
You CAN do circus when you are 24 kgs overweight.
AND while wearing lycra velour.
With sequins.

Never let your weight stop you from doing something fun.
Unless we are talking medical here, babes!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

When Gigglers Attack

I is hiding in the bedroom.

The Invasion of the Gaggle of 12 Yr Old Gigglers is complete.

My retreat is official. Even my adored and anti-social Diva cat defected from my side to sleep at the feet of the 12 yr old with the satin sleeping bag. And looked smug about it.

Sleepover Joys!

1. Princess is having that fun summer I was aiming for! Yeah!

2. The Wii, computer and DS have all been completely ignored.

3. Water fights in the front yard require extreme amount of squealing and screaming.

4. They don't fight. They do debate. With no personal attacks.

5. These beautiful, nearly highschoolers are so confident and relaxed in themselves when away from all the peer pressure.

I want to give them MORE time like this, MORE time where they can explore who they want to be. So they can take that knowledge with them into that terrifying world of High School.

6. They still play with their dolls! Love it! The dolls are all Monsters/Vampires/Mummies and not a Barbie in sight, but still!

7. Not sure what the "running around the house, shutting/opening doors and squealing" game was last night, but it was also loud and for a mother of a singleton, a little bit intimidating.

This is the point when my brave defence of the Lounge room weakened and an orderly retreat to the bedroom was planned.

8. She has the best friends. Not perfect, but such characters.

9. I set 1:30am as bedtime and at that time they all got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Even I re-read that last one and waited for the punchline!

It is 9 am. I is still hiding. But I go now to valiantly begin my "Reclaiming Mission", with a first, small guerilla attack. I go to reclaim my Diva Cat.
I shall use the Top Secret weapon, known as Salmon.

*ten minutes later* The Diva is mine, The Gigglers are non the wiser!

Monday, 16 January 2012

How old was your baby when she/he started sleeping through the night?

Sleep is such an amazing thing.

I have been doing ridiculous amounts of it and I can slowly feel the energy, both physical and emotional, building up again. Last year was so intense and draining (lots of fun in there too) with funerals and circus performances, Princess's high school search and that big nasty budget to stick to. I hit New Years Eve with no energy reserves at all.

My mind has been lightheartedly playing with ideas for our next Circus performance, ideas for some craft pretties, ideas for writing. It's niiiiiiiice.

Princess has been sleeping a lot, too.

I think I have been waiting 12 years to say that. "My baby is finally sleeping through".

Our little bounce has been jumping up when I enter the room, her hair bouncing with her, swooshing (gently cos she knows her Mama is fragile) over to me for a hug and saying, with a hint of astonishment, "I'm happy, Mama. I just feel happy".

For the last three days, Princess and I have watched her before bed routine, to see what she is doing that is helping her sleep. Staying up late, reading in bed and writing in bed, seem to be the keys. So, if we can shift the staying up late a couple of hours so she can still be getting up early enough for school, and really sink this routine into her brain to mean "sleep", maybe, just maybe... my not so lil High Schooler will have some energy throughout the year.

I think the having so many friends visit and no set activities is helping. We tend to be quite busy during the school week. We will have to drop Guides and add some more relaxation to her week. My delicate Princess looked horrified at the thought of dropping Aerial at Circus or stopping playing Dungeons & Dragons, but gleeful at dropping Guides!

The thought is wandering through my head that it is also the lack of car travel. Both of us feel better when we are not in a car. A hint of car sickness, plus the pressure it puts on our dodgy backs. For the next 6 years, Princess will be bussing into school, 30 mins either way. Fingers crossed that's not going to be draining.

Time to get started on the day, with hours of painting D&D minatures ahead of us!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

All clucked out

Today I held that stick up to the light, standing out in the shed with a slightly nervous Trickey, waiting to see how many blue lines there would be.

I have all the symptoms.

There was some searching through new baby girl names, having decided Cynthia was no longer my most adored choice. Lucy was an shared like.

In my head, planning how to best clear out the craft room had already begun.

Google terms such as "pregnancy at 40" and "Pregnancy exercises" had led to many a now-read website.

The immense cluckiness I constantly repress was allowed out to play.

And that little stick determinedly continued to show only one line.

Then. I realised. I was relieved.

So many worries, about keeping my health to a level to have fun with my Princess until she is at least 25, of staying functional, being there for her. How could I cope with adding another 13 years on top of that for a new little person?
Would I still be able to walk after a pregnancy?
Could I even lift a baby?
Not to mention PND and all the other usual pregnancy fears that I had already accepted as part and parcel of the payment to the universe for another child.

Now I have set aside my cluckiness and accepted that I am moving on.

I shall be the Mother of Awesome to my Princess and that will do.

And get a new kitten.
I really want a kitten.
I want to just go out and get one and present Trickey with a fait accompli.
Since the people I respect have all shown my reluctance to do such a thing without his agreement and the people I don't respect have said, "just go and do it", my decision to keep encouraging (so much prettier a word than nag, doncha think?) him was fairly simple.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Express your pain. And Kittens.

Trickey slipped a disc in his neck, recently. It was very painful, apparently.

He is now learning I am living with a similar form of pain and have been for many years, after coming along to my first Physio appointment.

You'd think he would be impressed by my stoic acceptance of this pain (while trying desperately to fix it) instead of commenting that he didn't know, because I hadn't writhed about in agony like he had been.

So, now I am updating every day him on my various pains and miseries.

Bet he misses my previous stoic attitude.

P.S. I want the drugs they gave him!
P.P.S. Or just a sleeping tablet.
P.P.P.S. Or a kitten.
P.P.P.P.S. I really want the kitten.
P.P.P.P.P.S He says Diva Cat will eat the Kitten.
P.P.P.P.P.P.S. He might be right. She's not a very nice cat. I love her so much.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Family Ties, new lovely threads and damaged ends from severed cuts.

Wow. How do I explain how excited and at the same time, confused I am?

Hubby's Aunty had her 80th yesterday. Awesome party, I love this family, they are an example of how to be modestly amazing. I am so glad to have my daughter express mostly the genes that came from this family. She is a living replica of Oma and the Aunty and is so much like them that sometimes my heart just oozes joy because it cannot contain it all.

*NB. I love my family, it's just we are all a bit nuts. So is the other side of his family. If you are family and reading this, think twice about us before you complain. :-p

I saw a little girl there, whom I didn't know. She looked like family. But surely I knew all the family?

Going outside, I watched Trickey's cousin grab him, drag him over to where a 50ish man was standing and say "This is your cousin, the one that is named after your Dad". That he has never (in all recollection of both of them) met.

The little girl was his granddaughter.

How cool is that?!

*NB. Trickey's Dad is otherwise known to us as "He who shall not be named", but apparently before he got married and things went horribly, horribly wrong. A novel is being written by another family member of how very horribly wrong, that's how horribly wrong it went, Trickey's Dad was such a nice person that there are many cousins named after him.

The confusion came as part of this. About Trickey's Dad, I hear so many wonderful (some embarassing/funny in a two year old way, of being unwilling to go on his potty until his favourite person arrived to put him on it each day) stories about how friendly, kind, funny, charming and all around adored this Man was. From His family.

From Trickey, Trickey's Brother, the Dad's Business Partner and some of Trickey's Maternal relatives, I hear how he was lazy, unsympathetic and violent.

People would say something about him to me and ask for my stories. I would have to respond that most of the stories I heard were about him throwing things at his wife while the two sons hid behind the couch. They looked at me funny. I decided to become silent, since they obviously were not in on the whole history.

They would share a story about how he took them fishing and was so gentle and patient, and If I had responded, I would only be able to respond that he wasn't patient with his eldest son's sadness over his mother's suicide (and tried to have him thrown in prison for running away from the evil new step mum).

They would discuss how he was so funny and I sat there, mute, unable to think of one funny story I have heard from either son.

It was a bit of a challenge being so obviously the daughter-in-law to a man they adored. Though, I am not legally his daughter in law, anyway, but I didn't bother to explain that he legally severed all ties with his 14 year old son when State took him away. After they had taken away the younger son due to suspected violence. (It was the stepson committing the violence, in this case!)

I don't understand what happened to the charming, shy, gentleman I have heard so much about over the years, from his mother and sister. I don't understand why he stopped being part of this amazing family. I don't understand any of his actions. I feel sad for him.

But mostly, I feel sad that his behaviour meant that my two Men (Hubby and Brother in law) didn't get the joy of feeling real belonging in this wonderful family. Growing up with their outstanding cousins, seeing their Oma.

I am so glad we do now.
I am glad the new cousins have made contact, as well.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Trivial Updates

Make the hot go away.

In other news:
My daughter no longer believes that her Father and I know everything. Fortunately we have been telling her that for years, so she's not very devastated.

The Diva Cat desperately wants to sit on me, but gets too hot and goes back to lie on the cooler floor.

I have already failed my New Years resolution of Hula Hooping every day.

I am having fun getting years worth of "interupted reading" revenge on my Hubby, as he delves into John Birmingham's latest novel, "Angels of Vengence." I have been reading out the better "#lessambitiousbooktitles from Twitter to him. And getting his attention before each one. Now he has put down his book in defeat. Hehehe.

He just announced he is at page 273 and has lost count of the number of fatalities. Which makes him happy as he had reached page 40 with nary a violent scene, not even a paper cut, to his great confusion. It looks like the extra violence that John Birmingham added in his final edit is appeasing this specific part of "the masses".

We have survived the sleepover. Only four girls, with much less junk food than expected and a marvellous water pistol fight. Or two. I am always impressed with this group, they can be together for days at a time and there are no fights. No dramatic stomping off to sulk or fume at some slight. No hysterics about who ate the most chips, or who is cheating at Mario Kart because the other is winning, no put downs because of differences. Just working together, supporting each other and taking turns.

In fact they even discussed each others "driving style" in Mario Kart.

I worry they are more mature than I am. Or maybe I am delighted! Or both.

Nothing like the sleepovers I used to have. ;-)