Saturday, 3 December 2011

You know what's super fun

Watching tv shows where there is romance and kissing with a 12 year old whom is just noticing that boys and girls are different.


Tweenie is squirming and Mama and Papa are making kissy faces at each other.


Lil' girly thing whose nearly as tall as me, wriggling and making gagging sounds as Frasier and Lilith kiss and we discuss how emotions make kissing a boy a nice thing.


The Frasier picks up Lilith and throws her on the bed and we revert back to teasing.

So love my little family.

So appreciate our relationships and silliness and that they are here.

I read many blogs of people who have lost loved ones. We lost another family member this month. Live your Life! Love your people! Do those things you've dreamed of! NOW!

And make your lil people squirm cos it's so totally fun. ;-)

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