Friday, 23 December 2011

An ode to yet another household item

Oh sticky tape, Oh sticky tape,
now where could you be?
I have dug my way though
the box of stationary.

I found a small remnant,
from previous years,
I wrapped up five presents
with ever grateful tears.

With many gifts remaining,
vulnerably unwrapped,
I need you before the
child finishes her nap.

I have a compass from Santa,
to give her this year,
please help me to cover it
with paper of cheer.

Your not under the couch,
or behind the T.V.,
I can't find you in the
3rd draw down either, see?

Your stickiness so glorious,
the way it connects,
two edges of paper
so to conceal our gifts.

Please reveal your hiding place,
with a magical boom,
I bet you are somewhere in
the sleeping child's room.

1 comment:

  1. Love this. I so hate it when the sticky tape goes missing. Drives me crazy! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. N x