Friday, 16 December 2011

The fascination of watching my Daughter's personality unfold. (Now with reduced Screaming)

My daughter is really interesting.

She's been home for a while now, with a cough, and we have spent a lot of time talking and sharing and cuddling (Okay, and playing computer games) and I am really liking this grown up version of my tiny Screamy that I am getting to know all over again. She's similar, but different to Baby Screamy, I am seeing the same joys, loves and interests as little Kinder Screamy as well as the same shyness and anxieties, but still, she's different again.

More mature. More capable of expressing through words, where she was a very physical communicator as a toddler (Mediterranean heritage stereotype much?). I like words. This is a big step for us. We have been working on enunciation lately, as Trickey mumbles and can be quite incoherent and I wanted to ensure my Darlin' Screamy was able to express her self clearly.

More controlled. Wow, so much more controlled. The obsessive streak is there, is expressed, acknowledged but with the understanding that it is obsessive and maybe not of interest to anyone else. She spoke to me about Bakugan for an hour straight last night and made it fascinating. It may have helped that we decorated all her Bakugan with glitter two years ago, cos glitter makes me smile.

She will not get the nickname of Tweeny Screamy. Waiting to see about Teener Screamer though.

A different, but still amazingly the same, Princess Screamy.
Without the Screamy. Somedays it's amazing how quiet it feels without the Screaming. We were up the street yesterday, getting lil Miss Cough-a-lot some chiropractic love and I got all nostalgic and sentimental over a child throwing a complete hissy fit in the supermarket.
"She sounds just like you used to, Princess." and gave my Non-Screaming child a squishy hug.

As desperate as I was for a second child, I think the fact that we didn't start trying until Lil Miss Scream-the-second-we-enter-those-supermarket-doors had started Kinder, says something about how well I coped with the Screaming .

This was supposed to be a post about how wonderful my Daughter is! How much I am enjoying her personality. How much fun it is to follow her conversation, just let it flow and see her thought patterns expressed. Not the Screaming. ;-)

I want to make this the "Summer of 2012" that she always looks back on as relaxing, fun, social and a happy space. The in between of Primary and Secondary school where she just creates joyful memories. A shining moment.

With extra tutoring. Suck it up, Sunshine!

'Course, considering how much she loves her tutors, she's already declared that one of the best parts of our holiday plans.


  1. Oh this was beautiful! I can somewhat relate. My daughter was a nightmare, NIGHTMARE, I tell you, when she was a baby. She still is quite headstrong (she's only 3), but I get glimpses of her beautiful personality shining through every day. It's an awesome feeling. Hope you have yourself a Merry Christmas!! xx

  2. I can relate to the screaming and can see how you are explaining how nice it is that you have got to know your daughter in the last little bit without it. Wonderful. Teener screamer will be here before you know it. It's life. Take a deep breath, ok, take lots. It'll be a rough ride, but worth it :D

  3. It's lovely you are getting to know your girl all over again.
    I love your writing style. Very poetic -)