Sunday, 4 December 2011

Choosing your Santa

So. Santa. Specifically, Santa photo's. Do you get them? Does your child confidently climb onto Santa and outline his/her hopes for Christmas and perhaps pull on Santa's beard to find out if it is real?

Mine declines. Every year. Santa is scary. Big dude, with lots of white hair, being loud in her general vicinity. So not gunna happen.

I asked this year. She's twelve. She believes in Santa by choice. Much the way I believe in Fairies. She gave me a look of disdain that I hope she cultivates for when unsuitable boys start asking her to make out with them behind the shelter sheds. My Princess said, "I've never liked the shopping centre Santa's and I still don't. I've only ever liked the one at the Train Museum who left his boots by the "Flame" car. You know that, Mum."

Funny about the "Nice Santa" choosing Bill's car to leave his boots by.

Funny how well my Princess got along with Bill and all his silly teasing that made her laugh.

Funny how she liked that Santa who was funny and teasing.

Funny, innit!


  1. Lol!!
    My little ones all believe in Santa for the moment. Each year we use the Santa photo as our "family photo" because they get shit scared at the moment of truth!

  2. Hell, I'll just choose whichever one has the best gifts!!

  3. I never thought about it. I think my kids would probably freak at the idea of sitting on some guy's lap!

  4. My kids are fussy about their santa. Like I took them to the mall to have their picture taken with a santa but they said he was 'too thin' and didn't look like a 'real santa' and didnt want their pics taken. I had to agree. That Santa was too skinny to be taken seriously!

  5. Imagine being a Skinny Santa, padding yourself out with pillows... in Australian heat. The red face would be completely authentic!