Tuesday, 1 November 2011


It has begun. :-D

The month of once again signing on to try and write 50,000 words.

A novel.

This time, I have the intention of succeeding! No editing. No stressing. Just writing and researching and the whole experience. Possibly no boundaries, since I wouldn't possibly expect this to ever get published.

I'm going to let it grow and change and morph. Let the plot change, let the characters live, die or fly to the furthest planet on moonbeams if they so choose.

Being out of control in a safe and closed environment.

Lets see how long a control freak can manage that. ;-)


Here's an excerpt from today...

A tear splashed down into the sawdust. A circle of sadness on wood that was only good for the fire or recycled art now. Wood that used to be where she spent many happy sunny days, swinging as she twisted and rolled the spiderwebs into little balls. Where she would design the fabric to be woven from the twined webs, as the web soaked in the colours from flower petals or onion skins in her thimble cauldren.

Yes? What? You are surprised it is about faries? That's only cos you were expecting dragons, innit?

Or that I can't figure out how to spell couldren. Cawldrin. Cweriden's cooking pot. *considers possibly looking in a dictionary...*

Hopefully, in 30 days, I will finally be able to say I have written a book. A life ambition. And not about Klingon erotica this time! Yey!


  1. Cauldren :-)

    And good luck! I'm doing NaBlo, not NaNo this year.

  2. That is awesome!! Sell it as an EBook - I would totally buy it xx