Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Listen to your cat's advice.


Going slowly. *grins* However, as my best from from Primary school said, my positive procrastination is going very well. Lots of other things are getting done as I avoid my novel.

Like the long neglected vacuuming.

One of the first things we ever bought as a couple was an electrolux vacuum cleaner. The salesman knocked on my door and my Tabby and White cat was all over him and absolutely adored him, so I decided to give him a change to tip dirt on my carpet and slurp it up with his fancy schmancy Vacuum Cleaner. Tayocat even smooched the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, I had no choice and must buy it!

That was in 1992. In 2008, the Electrolux of awesome, now held together by duct tape but still doing an amazing job, quite spookily gave up the ghost just after Tayocat departed this world.

Sweeping was good for a while, but then the sneezing became an issue and I went and bought a cheap little vac. I even had a reference from above mentioned friend. I may have bought the lemon in the shop... or just have a much messier house.

It howls in agony when used and fluffs dust out it's rear end with the same strength and regularity as Trickey does after a good lunch of Dim Sims. We are not friends. The cats all zoom out of the house when I use it. Obviously, I should have taken the cats shopping with me.

So, I asked around again and started hearing the magic word, Dyson. I had heard this word before, from a Foster Brother-in-law, when his partner had put them into mountains of debt for her very own Dyson, with every possible attachment known to woman. I knew Trickey's opinion on this issue and it was not "expensive vacuum" friendly.

But I found a tiny one... that was allergy friendly, with hepa filters. Hepa filters and I are VERY good friends. When the outside world is full of little flying enemies that attack my nostrils with their sneeziness and my skin with their swelly irritability, I hermit myself in my room with my Hepa air filter and the world becomes a comfortable place again.

But you know what convinced Trickey to agree to let me purchase this item? It has a digital motor. That interested him.

He's a bit disappointed now it is here. He's just realised I have no intentions of letting him pull it apart and destroy, I mean, explore it.

Shiny toy.

Have to go move the cats off the couch to vac that. Encouraging. :-D

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


It has begun. :-D

The month of once again signing on to try and write 50,000 words.

A novel.

This time, I have the intention of succeeding! No editing. No stressing. Just writing and researching and the whole experience. Possibly no boundaries, since I wouldn't possibly expect this to ever get published.

I'm going to let it grow and change and morph. Let the plot change, let the characters live, die or fly to the furthest planet on moonbeams if they so choose.

Being out of control in a safe and closed environment.

Lets see how long a control freak can manage that. ;-)


Here's an excerpt from today...

A tear splashed down into the sawdust. A circle of sadness on wood that was only good for the fire or recycled art now. Wood that used to be where she spent many happy sunny days, swinging as she twisted and rolled the spiderwebs into little balls. Where she would design the fabric to be woven from the twined webs, as the web soaked in the colours from flower petals or onion skins in her thimble cauldren.

Yes? What? You are surprised it is about faries? That's only cos you were expecting dragons, innit?

Or that I can't figure out how to spell couldren. Cawldrin. Cweriden's cooking pot. *considers possibly looking in a dictionary...*

Hopefully, in 30 days, I will finally be able to say I have written a book. A life ambition. And not about Klingon erotica this time! Yey!