Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tiptoe through the tulips

LOVE the Tulip Festival. Any tulip festival.

Love the "Fairy hollow", where the trees have windows and doors for the fairies and gnomes to go in and look out by.

Love the FLOWERS! Expanses of poppies and tulips and colour, colour, colour everywhere I look. Glorious Rhodedendrons being as pink as they can be. Purple tulips with tips of white, orange tulips woth glowing hearts of pink and yellow.

Poffertjes. I had 2. SO nice. So naughty. The girls had two plates.

Marmie and I sat at the white tables in the pretty garden to have a cuppa and a natter while the girls disappeared. She comforted me through this time of stressing about having to let my Princess be out of my view and learn some independence. Admittedly, most of this came in the form of saying, "toughen up and get used to it", but I know she knew how I felt.

Now I am home, the girls are hooping (well, we can call throwing the hoops as high as they can in the air, and then running for safety as they come down... Hooping, can't we?) and my dominating shoulder Diva is, well, on my shoulder. Being dominating. Claws. She has such good claws.

Today is good. :-)


  1. You, 40?!

    And it sounds like the perfect place you let your girl out of your sight for the first time xxxx

  2. I is too flittery and frivolous to be 40, but somehow it happened anyway!
    From now on, I ALWAYS want the right number of candles on my cake. Such pretty bright light! ;-)