Saturday, 1 October 2011

Large things in life

Today, Marmie and I took her aging and somewhat overweight fluffball of a Maltese/Shi'tzu cross dog for a walk, in the rain.

Marmie says he's just got broad shoulders.

He enjoyed it greatly, sniffing all the new-to-him trees, poles and many a letterbox. He must think I am very social with my neighbours, as Mr. Butterball tried to wander up almost every driveway we passed. He didn't seem to mind the rain, but was not so keen on the tall grass. It was taller than him. Intimidating, much?

Since the clouds were flinging much of the watery stuff down onto us, Marmie and I had our 'brellas. My cool paisley one I bought back in Uni and have loved ever since, Marmie with her multicoloured "Umbrella of Ginormousness" that was used as a "family of four" rain covering for two decades. It's big. Quite large. Takes up the whole footpath and we could only walk side by side if one of us sprawled over onto the grass.

There has been much building in the backyards of houses in my area, so much for Marmie and I to discuss as the Round Ball of Fluffyness had walkies. One house was getting a new driveway and had four star pickets (with bright yellow plastic toppings safely covering their tips) on the edge of the footpath, for some mysterious building purpose.

Marmie's "Umbrella of Excessive Diameter" managed to catch on the first star picket. She lifted it higher, but accidentally tilted it and caught the edge of the "Big Stripey Brolly" on the second star picket. We laughed.

I commented, dryly, "There are two more star pickets ahead", and both of us laughed. I started to tell Marmie how much I loved her sense of humour as she very deliberately avoided the third star picket with a grin. She turned to look at me and...

Caught the umbrella on the fourth picket.

So maybe you had to be there. But we laughed so much and I am SO HAPPY to have my Marmie here.

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