Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to create an awkward moment

I am dragging out my 40th birthday, by saving gift cards and waiting for friend's gifts that are building lovely anticipation. One gift card from my brother-in-law was very exciting, for a large shopping complex. I had my heart set on an external hard drive and today, I went out to get it!

JB Hi-fi was sadly undergoing renovations and did not have stock of hard drives, but helpfully recommended other shops that would. Dick Smith's do not accept the Shopping complex voucher. Nor do Myer, Big W or KMart.

Some sadness leaching in here, but I ignored it and thought, "There are other things I need here, I will look for them instead."

No Egyptian wigs in either shop that stocked wigs, no plate stands in white, not even a computer game that I wanted for a child's gift.

I determined to use it for my normal shopping, anyway. After all, it's not often I go to the shopping complex. It would be fun!

Knock back after knock back for the gift card, I eventually went to information and got a list of the shops that don't accept the card, to reduce the impact this constant rejection was having upon my mood. It was a large list.

The Chemist accepted the card. Hooray! I could at least buy something!

So now...

How do I tell my Brother in law that he bought me condoms for my birthday?


  1. LMFAO !!!!
    Use 'em as water bombs :p
    Oh, actually have a use for condoms.... ;)

  2. Haha!!! Lol, oh that made my day xx

  3. *giggles at the idea of water bombs* Aren't they supposed to NOT pop!? :-p
    LOL, yes, I do. :-p

    Glad to hear that, Romina. So glad you are sharing yourself online again and hoping you had a marvellous new baby break. :-D

  4. Hahaha! Be loud & proud and TELL HIM!!! You'll probably get even MORE laughs from his reaction - then you can tell us!!

  5. Red, I told him, I was brave. It took a few seconds for him to get over the frustration that his pressie didn't work the way it should then he got a huge, slow grin and laughed and asked me if I had spent the entire gift voucher on condoms!

    *Another friend asked the same question and then asked what sort of party was I planning? *giggles* *