Thursday, 27 October 2011

Book review: Sticking to Mills and Boon

Why do people write books to make other people cry?

Why do people give me these books to read?

Why do I read them without googling them for "teary factor" first?

Having just finished "At first sight" by Nicholas Sparks, the scream that lives inside me is at full volume again and I can hardly hear what is going on in my head over the intense noise it makes.

I want happy endings, Disney style, interesting twists that leave me curious, laughter and gleeful excitement at the end of something I read/watch for entertainment. I don't need an author's help to want to cry. The tears will come without the assistance of brilliant acting. I can scream from reading my own diaries, don't give me your fictional agony. My energy goes towards keeping that scream in my heart quiet.

Soothing it.

Calming it.

Reminding it that I have accepted what is.

Stupid authors who think it's alright to go and poke it with a stick.