Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Been doing really well.
Sleeping at night. Not even as scared of bedtime as I used to be.
Been very busy. Getting things done. Amazing, feeling empowered.

Wrenched my lower back out of place this morning. The morning cat stretch. I KNOW I shouldn't do this. I am usually cautious as a 90 year old, since that is the medical age of my neck. I was feeling good. I took a risk. It twisted me and made it so difficult to walk.

Now I am sitting here, having an anxiety attack because my heart can't get around the fact that I didn't pick Princess up from school today. Heart says, "Yes, Head, I know her friend's Mama is reliable and soon my lil sparkly one will be having fun, safe at her friend's house. BUT, it's past time for overprotective Mama's to be waiting at the school gate. Go. Go. GO. NOW!".

Grade 6 is too old for me to be waiting at school anyway, with weak excuses like, "I thought she would want her Guides uniform," or "Here is her DS, I know she'd miss having that."

So, I wonder, is there a link between my back being out and my anxiety?

Just for the record... First voltaren today for 47 days. I am gunna kick the stomach destroyer. Just not today. *sighs*

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