Thursday, 29 September 2011

Living life like an elevator mechanic.

I am hiding in a corner of my house, trapped here by squealing, running, chasing, giggling 11 year olds.

This is good.

That my daughter still is more comfortable having a toy as her "avatar" during social interactions, not so good.

Inch by Inch.
We will get there.

It has been an interesting time, some amazing highs with our Hoops performance (Waiting on photos - hanging out to share them here!), Princess' wonderful tissu act and the Melbourne Juggling convention.

I agreed to volunteer at the MJconvention again... (and showed up with hoops this time!) With some wonderful encouragement and a circus friend to be with, I did some workshops and watched incredible people practice extraordinary tricks, like with this amazing juggler (he had a pink parasol this year)

instead of wandering away to get lunch and texting the co-ordinator that since I had done my volunteer hours, I wasn't coming back. It was too big and scary last year!

Two sisters took this very casual and awesome hoop workshop and taught tricks that would never have occurred to me! So fun! So wish I had become involved in circus before my neck was so badly degraded, but C'est la Vie! Is still fun now!

Lots of exclamation marks!

Some massive lows with panic attacks, exhaustion, so sore neck, insecurity alternating with attempts at believing in myself.

And. Today is my recently deceased family member's 40th Birthday. In three days, I will be older than her.

So much wrongness.

But I have really sparkly nails. See?
And that is very right.

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