Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How do you react to disapproval?

So last night, I read something written vaguely about me that brought on a full blown panic attack. To the point of being partially immobilised by the muscle tension, spending the evening and night curled up in a fetal position, reading about how to deal with insecurity and anxiety on the Princess's iPod. Hiding under my doona and writing it all out, getting it out of my head.

Today, a 2 hour walk in the rain (with umbrella), teddy bear biscuits in bed with a Meg Cabot book and the world is looking like a pretty nice place again.


Wish we'd had the internet when I was a kid.

How do you react when someone clearly shows they think you are "doin it wrong"?


  1. It's taken many years, but my general rule is now to take control of the situation in some way. This can be a) confrontation, especially if the person is mistaken; b) explanation ie putting forward your take on the situation; c) attack - especially if its unwarranted or d) deciding to let it go. The approach would vary depending on the nature of the criticism. It's not easy to rise above it, and I don't always do it - my natural reaction is to lash out which isn't always appropriate. Make the action you take your DECISION, rather than just a reaction triggered by someone else! Good luck, girlfriend!

  2. Lashing out sounds way more fun than hiding!
    I'm went with D. Though your explanations sound very sensible and one day, I will get the courage up to try B.
    Making it YOUR decision gives control, you are very supportive there. Don't you wish you could go back to being 19, with all this knowledge and have all that time again as a more confident, believing in yourself person?

  3. I have a stroke and then a breakdown.

    I don't suggest it. It makes you gain weight.


  4. Yeah, having that self-awareness/self-control at a young age would be awesome! Hope it all ended OK ...