Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hidden dangers... are you next?

Many of my friends are involved in the performing arts. This is the time of the year when productions are happening, competitions prepared for with loving attention to detail and sadly, when we push ourselves harder and more injuries happen.

Over the last few weeks an insidious and unexpected danger has revealed it's previously masked existance.

Did I not know of this performing arts risk because it is shamefully embarassing and no-one speaks of it?

Is it an occurance that is new and everyone is standing around in shock at it's rising prevalence?
How can we save ourselves from this horrible and unavoidable (unless perhaps, one prefers to perform only in body-paint. So not for moi.) aspect of performing?

Have you guessed?

Or is it so incomprehendable to those outside of or new to the performing arts world that you would never have imagined the horrific dangers faced during every dress rehearsal, every performance, as I had previously never considered it a chancy occupation?

It is the risk of incurring grevious bodily harm by Costume Changes!!!

A friend's first Calisthenics performance was marred when her neck was pulled out of place by the swift removal of clown wig to jam the next costume on.

Another friend, attempting to slither out of her slinky unitard has done something to her middle finger and can no longer express her displeasure with other drivers in time honoured birdy fashion. Not that she ever would, but still... floppy middle fingers are not condusive to excellence on the cloud swing or tissu.

What can we do to stop these tragedys? Would back stage warning posters be enough?


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  1. Ahhhhhh, noooo!
    The horror!
    The sheer, unimaginable terror of....*cue dark music* over-enthusiastic costume changes.