Thursday, 1 September 2011


*looks innocently around at the ceiling, floors and other equally "innocent" areas*

Soooo, I'm a bit of a cripple. Things like being awake for a whole day, sitting at the sewing machine for more than ten minutes and being able to focus clearly are not always within my capabilities. C'est la vie. I can work around it.

However, sensible people in imperfect health do not (train with a Circus in the first place but have I mentions SO MUCH FUN?!) volunteer to take on lots of roles to help make the production wonderful. Yes, every item deeply interests me.

The Hoop act.
The ridiculously cute puffed sleeves we are wearing as Wicked Step Sisters at the Ball with Cinderella *that I offered to sew for everyone since no one else sews*
My own costume, which is going to be beyond awesome and really sparkly. Not just sequins anymore. Now with foily shiny too!

Did I mention I have managed to convince the rest of the performers in the hoop act that they need to have sequins as well? Is goooooood. :D We could just stand there and blind the audience and be done with it!

Then, the subject of the flyer came up. Do you know who brought it up?
The coach? Noooo.
The admin? Noooo.
Perhaps even a parent wanting flyers to hand out? Well, she did bring it to MY attention.

Then, I brought it to the Coach and Admin's attention. And promptly volunteered cos How Interesting Will That Be To Do! What fun! I have ideas in my head already!

What I don't time and spare energy. Ditz. Eyes bigger that stomach, or in this case, calendar, Ditz.

Happy Ditz, though! Off to play!
And yes. There will be sparkles on it. Dazzling Diamonds glitter rules! And maybe a Unicorn. Since the theme is Fantasy and Fairytales. I get to put a Unicorn on it.


  1. We need photos of the costumes. NEED.

  2. LOL, I agree. I will request permissions and someone with a camera to take pretty pictures. :-)