Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting back into the swing of things.

Life is getting back on track.

Grief is being dealt with.
Budget is doing what Hubby wants it too and he is acknowledging that without treatment for my back, my life is just clock watching and not living.
Daughter has been accepted into a very exciting school and we are looking forward to the next 6 years. Big scariness lifted from our shoulders!
I have rejoined Circus training and while I am not really progressing in any aspect, it is fun just to be back. No aerial for me until next year.
Hubby's slipped disc is healing well.
I am writing again! It's been moooooonths!

Trivia. Hubby must spend the entire day at work talking with people, because he talks non stop while at home for three weeks, even on valium and tramadol. My interest level in Electronic fuel injection has entered negative values and hearing the phrase, "injector valves" can drive me to housework. Or at least to the spa bath...

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