Saturday, 27 August 2011

All things sparkly are good, even if they are not gold.

My head is full of sequins,
my hands are full of hoops,
stitching up our costumes,
production coming soon!

I'm sure there are other things going on in my life, but atm, my headspace is fully occupied with circus. Our new Hoops coach is amazing, a lifelong performer who knows hooping tricks to make it look better, costume tricks to make them work even when silly girlthings with their eyes full of shiny make them slippery ;-), and amazing "putting it all together" ideas to create a beautiful event.

As much as I know I am going to feel nauseas for the entire day of performance and possibly spend the actual performance dreadfully wishing I was anywhere else (but we can hope for intently focused on the fast paced act, can't we?), I am LOVING the build up to it all. Going shopping with a friend to design her costume, taking better care of myself (what do you mean eating foods I'm allergic to make it harder to hoop?) and sewing sequins.

Very firmly sewing sequins. Cos I don't want to leave a mass of sequins behind for the tumblers to slip on. :-o

Circus. Ran away with it.


  1. The circus thing sounds so exotic to this non-talented non-performer!! Hope it goes well!!

    AND ... love your poem!!

  2. sounds like the most awesomest of awesome things ever.

  3. Thanks, Red, and the circus thing is exotic even to me! I feel so privileged to live close to a Circus School. :-)

    Kelley, yes. Just yes. :-D

  4. I love your revellry in sequins :)