Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Procrastination - apparently not a useful life skill

If it weren't for Flylady's wonderful life technique of "you can do anything for fifteen minutes", I would never get anything done (though I DO interpret this as 5 mins, but whose going to quibble over 10 mins with someone whose concentration span won't last the debate?).

I circle the house like a very slow tornado, doing three things in each room.
Until I reach the computer. Then...
Have you SEEN how far I've gone with "Sims social"?
I wen through the entire Premier's reading challenge list today, and found only one book on it my Princess had read. We decided tonight to let that challenge just slide away.
I found awwww-some pictures in my files for the Photo album the Princess is decorating for her Dad for Father's Day!
I googled (yes, it is now a verb, no longer a mere noun) the reaction between pineapple juice and bicarb soda but came up with nothing helpful. I can tell you anyway, it would work just fine for those "volcanos" the kids make at school. :-D
All my favourite webcomics got their turn on the macbook screen.
I looked at a website that a very proud friend had her son's artwork displayed as one of the winners.

Then Hubby came home and trounced all of this low level procrastinating with an immensely procrastinatable (look, Mama, I made up a word!) activity.

He found his half-nieces on Facebook. The ones who disappeared into thin air when our Princess was a newborn.

And there is no doubt at all of their identity, cos the younger sister is the living image of his dearly departed Mother. (Some of you might be shocked and amazed at this as we are, others are calling me rude names *in a sing song voice* cos I don't have a Mother-in-Law! Nyah, nyah nyah nyaaaah nyah.) (Apparently, his Mother didn't like Australians. His family delight in informing me she would have been very opposed to him marrying an Aussie.) (scary) (so scary I have to type it in parentheses)

I must get off the computer and do something now. I must. I must.

But it's so INTERESTING in computer-land!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

All things sparkly are good, even if they are not gold.

My head is full of sequins,
my hands are full of hoops,
stitching up our costumes,
production coming soon!

I'm sure there are other things going on in my life, but atm, my headspace is fully occupied with circus. Our new Hoops coach is amazing, a lifelong performer who knows hooping tricks to make it look better, costume tricks to make them work even when silly girlthings with their eyes full of shiny make them slippery ;-), and amazing "putting it all together" ideas to create a beautiful event.

As much as I know I am going to feel nauseas for the entire day of performance and possibly spend the actual performance dreadfully wishing I was anywhere else (but we can hope for intently focused on the fast paced act, can't we?), I am LOVING the build up to it all. Going shopping with a friend to design her costume, taking better care of myself (what do you mean eating foods I'm allergic to make it harder to hoop?) and sewing sequins.

Very firmly sewing sequins. Cos I don't want to leave a mass of sequins behind for the tumblers to slip on. :-o

Circus. Ran away with it.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting back into the swing of things.

Life is getting back on track.

Grief is being dealt with.
Budget is doing what Hubby wants it too and he is acknowledging that without treatment for my back, my life is just clock watching and not living.
Daughter has been accepted into a very exciting school and we are looking forward to the next 6 years. Big scariness lifted from our shoulders!
I have rejoined Circus training and while I am not really progressing in any aspect, it is fun just to be back. No aerial for me until next year.
Hubby's slipped disc is healing well.
I am writing again! It's been moooooonths!

Trivia. Hubby must spend the entire day at work talking with people, because he talks non stop while at home for three weeks, even on valium and tramadol. My interest level in Electronic fuel injection has entered negative values and hearing the phrase, "injector valves" can drive me to housework. Or at least to the spa bath...