Monday, 4 July 2011

To Quote the Maddy: "Holiday!"

"Holiday! We've got to get together! Celebrate! Take some time to celebrate!"

*Savours for a moment that magic first moment of holidays, when you just know there will be at least some time to recover and rejuvenate and definitely some fun going on.*

Sat and Sun were still very much on the go days for us, so this morning at home was bliss. Jammie Day!

The Diva got some long awaited attention. The Princess got to play on her pc with it's new Ubuntu operating system. New games. Desktop to organise. This computing exploration was supposed to happen with little breaks to practice her times tables, spelling, stretch and tidy her room. These learning moments seemed to reduce in time as the morning became the afternoon. However, by the time her favourite-all-time-person, her Uncle arrived, she could almost spell our last name. We will achieve this by the end of Grade 6, oh yes we will!

My craft room got some lovin', and oh baby, could you hear it weep with relief as chaos slowly revealed a potential working area. Now including, "Diva Cat sleeping spot." We shall see if she takes to that idea over the more usual "walk across whatever Mama is playing with and the sit on the piece that looks the easiest to damage." I shall place my cuppa there, thus enticing her to assume that is her morning beverage, as she does, and hope she settles comfortably in that spot. Maybe I could place some truly cherished piece of scrapbooking paper there, to provide her with an appealing to park her tush?

Trickey's shoulder was still in pain, even after a wonderful Chiro session and he has applied for holidays. His face was horrified when I suggested he spend this holiday resting, walking and generally not using his very sore shoulder, instead of waking early and spending an intense 14 hours playing with the car in the shed. He will need much distracting next week. Or threatening with more of the excruciating but successful massages I was instructed to do by a member of the medical profession. Somehow, I will make him have a real holiday, too!

Tomorrows plans are something the Princess and I have been working towards for quite some time - Painting D&D figurines, making a map and writing a game to play.

Otherwise known as fulfilling teachers requests that she improve her fine motor skills, writing and spelling, plus that one very clever teacher who mentioned that dice games are great for basic arithmetic practice.

I'm so curious to see where she will go with this. Will we make a dungeon, a fairy garden, perhaps a space station or some wild unknown jungle to explore? Will she choose magical creatures or wild animals? Regardless of all these things, will she let me be an Elf? Cos, you know, I really like Elves. Also Dragons.

What would you choose, if you could make a little world to pretend to be something else in? What would it be like?


  1. An awesome teacher read 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' to us when I was about 7. That's been my ultimate fantasy world since then!!

    BTW ... It actually took about 8 more years before I discovered there were 6 more books in the series! Bliss!!

  2. I"m not sure, only because I'm sure I'd never want to leave. That could prove not so healthy for my children who need me to take care of them in the real world lol

  3. I'd never leave my happy fantasy land lol