Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So, I've had a vodka

And it only takes one.

Today, I'd like to talk about housework.

I did lots today. I also finished four cards and FORGOT to photograph them for the Just add ink challenge before I gave them to the people I had made them for.

Therefore, housework rots your brain.

So I thought I'll just go and make a different one! I had three fussy cut daisy's left. Half an hour later, I realised I have no energy left, because I stayed up all day doing housework.

Therefore, housework dimishes creativity.

I didn't lie down all day, with all these deadlines (like having the house clean enough for Princess's tutor to enter and make the cards) and so my back is a throbbing, painful mess.

Therefore, housework has a negative effect upon health.

My Tabby was so lonely that she went across the road to play with the neighbour's Tabby.
Therefore, housework makes my Diva Cat socialise. Not quite sure if this is bad or not. Maybe it's realising how posessive I am of her likewise possessiveness of my time. She's on my shoulder now, purring and being spoilt. I like that she has a friend, though. She detests all our boy cats.

But most importantly...
My Trickey is incredibly shy. When it comes to "marital duties" I am supposed to guess if he is in the mood. After 20 years together, this is getting tedious so I simply up front ask if he is inclined tonight and stand there with fingers crossed and hopes high for a yes. Tonight, when he said yes, I was disappointed! I can't be bothered and have no interest tonight.

Therefore, housework is bad for your sex drive. So I'm a gunna quit. ;-)


  1. I think housework is only good for your sex drive when your hubby does it for you!

  2. *grins at Mummy Daze* I try to encourage that form of "housewife erotica" with whistles and admiring comments. ;-)
    Awww, Jayne, give up the housework, send the Aspie teen away with Hubby and you too may recall that funny tingle that caused the Aspie teen to be! Or you might just sleep a lot. Which is good too. ;-)

  3. House work is the devil.
    You can spend an entire day bloody cleaning and then within 5 minutes the little people can destroy any evidence of that work.
    I say stuff around all day and then do a quick tidy up 15 mins before hubby is due home.

  4. It's true! Housework does rot your brain!