Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shooting nerf guns at Virii

I is tooo tireded to be thinking about words and stuffness.

Princess has fever. Overprotective Mama worries and is sleeping in a chair next to her. And waking every 15 minutes just in case.

Diva cat is getting twitchy at the lack of attention.

Tuxedo Boy is loving giving us lots of warm, purry sympathy and playing hot water bottle for the daughter.

The black cat is depressed and indulging in comfort eating until his girl is back to her best. At least he isn't howling in her room and has adapted to sleeping in the lounge.

Nurse on call 1300 60 60 24 - I cannot say enough good things about this service. I have used it many times and they have always been supportive, helpful and calming.

*insert decent sleep here*

The Nurse on call figured out what was causing the dramatic (Do Princess's have any other kind?) pain and that it wasn't emergency room/ambulance requiring. Which is good, as our little Drama Queen was lying on the cold tiles, crying that she "didn't know how she'd get to the car", let alone sit in it for the drive.

I will say that my extremely expressive child will try anything she is told that will help her with minimal fuss, so this reaction broke my heart, as it indicated how much pain she was in. Grrrrrrrrr @ virus! Go away Nastys!

Madam Princess just finished an apple. And is pain free. Has normal skin tone.
Trickey is home. Vegging on the couch with his adored Princess. Looking forward to a weekend of debauchery with the boys. *sniggers*
And I can relax.

Look at them over my laptop screen, Trickey and his girly Mini-Me. with the same mannerisms and looks. These are some of my favourite moments in life, to see the two people I love most, together, happy and being a little bit silly as they watch cartoons together. And intensely debate some of the plot lines. ;-) Cos that's how my family are.

Life is good again.

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