Saturday, 18 June 2011

Positive reinforcement.

This year, my Princess is taking responsibility for making her own lunches. I get a little gleeful thrill every morning that I gently query, "How is your lunch going, Sweetie?" and get back the quite pleased with herself reply of, "All made and packed, Mama."

I may never get sick of that. My grown-up Princess may still receive calls in the morning, asking "How is your lunch going, Sweetie?" and she'll reply, "All good, Mama and so excited about my Art gallery showing opening tonight/new job starting today/what do you mean lunch, I've got a newborn and I think I ate some week old stale biscuits for brekky but I can't remember, gotta go the baby just woke up..."
She'll be an adult and I'll still be calling her for that little Mama thrill of "my baby can make her own lunch!".

Then I'll pop over to play with the baby so she can shower, eat and all those things that go by the wayside in the first year of new Mamahood.

One aspect of organising lunches is ensuring the correct foods are available to her each morning. Since she is in control, I have noticed that she varies her lunch, just a little, every day. Sometimes a vegemite sandwich, somtimes rice cakes and cheese. Gourmet cheese, mind you, my Princess prefers a fancy cheese.

Ambrosia - gorgeous name.

Sometimes there are strawberries and grapes, other days, she has carrot and snow pea shoots. There are almost always Milo bars and very occasionally a natural flavour snake lolly will find it's way in. Once in a blue moon, she likes a peeled mushroom.

So nice, from this position of "Mama to a child who eats well", to look back to the days when she wouldn't eat unless it was a jam sandwich. Or sausages and chips. Or strained zuchinni. And no food was entering that cute little pouty mouth after 3 pm, even if I drove her around to find a sausage sizzle that was still open.

When she was a baby Princess, I used to go over the road and feed my neighbour's baby, just to experience the sense of achievement that one gets when a baby opens their mouth as the "aeroplane spoon" flies towards them with yummy mushy apple or pumpkin on it. To feel what it is like when a baby eats that spoonful of nutrition down and opens their mouth for more. To see a child demanding you feed them faster. It helped me cope when my precious darling would grin at me, tightly close her mouth, wait until the "aeroplane" was flying at the right point and then tap it away with her tiny little hand, giggling if it made a really good mess on her high chair.

*shakes head and returns to current story* Sorry, I diverged.

To ensure the food our Princess requires is available to her each morning, we bought a lovely fridge magnet with a tear off note pad. She writes down any food she fancies for lunch on there, keeps me up to date with her breakfast cereal status and I make sure the system works by actually getting off my tush and going to the store each time something appears on the list.

The system had a few hiccups at first, such as not being able to read her handwriting or spelling, (all fixed now thanks to her Tutors of amazingnesss!) or me being slack and not going shopping. Lately, it seems to be running very smoothly. This morning, when I looked to see if anything new had been listed and to write down "popcorn", I found this lovely little touch that made me giggle and feel all warm and Mama Happy.

Did you see it?
Not the bit where I have to work on her spelling of bread and please. But the bit in blue, right next to it.
The tick.
The positive affirmation of a job well done.
My daughter gave me a tick.
Ticks are very important to the Princess. Crosses can make her cry and tick's make her soul fly.
She gave me a tick.

Feeling pretty good right now. :-)


  1. Congratulations on your tick!!! And also for overthrowing that oh-so-tedious making lunch chore (well, it was to me!!!).

    And thanx for your visits and comments on my blog - so glad you liked my rainbow! One day I'll do another one!!

    Hope tomorrow can be as good as today has been for you!!

  2. Oh this made me smile!

    We're still a ways off Amy making her own lunch and considering I was scraping the bottom of the barrel food-wise today, I'm sort of glad. I can be more creative with lettuce and cheese than she can at the moment.

    I love the tick.

  3. Gorgeous post.
    Loved the tick. Ticks are good for the soul :-)'s the third thing on your list ;-)

  4. Thanks Red, and I agree, it was a morning chore I am happy to hand over. :-)
    I love rainbows and I loved your concept.

    Thank you Veronica, glad to know you smiled. With such young children, it can take an hour to "make lunch" for themselves!

    Thanks, Romina and Yes! I love Popcorn! And Ticks!