Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's all good.

So. Vodka.

No, really I don't have a drinking issue. Unless the fact that I get reaaaaaally silly off just one (or two, now) vodka's and then POST STUFF is an issue. In fact, you can tell when I've been drinking cos I post about it. So Freaking sad. And yet happy. Cos I'm not contradictory at all. My Hubby NEVER uses that word to describe me. He does say I am "consistently inconsistent", however. :-D

He's really cute.

And really far away.

And I bless the internet and mobile phones. I remember the first time he went away for ten days. We had been together about three years. And they (defined as the company he worked for) sent him to Tasmania. He was soooooo excited. He bought a throw-away camera and took photos. I'll get them processed one day. Did I mention it is our 20th anniversary of the day we met this August?

So. I cried for two days. I wasn't working then. I had just finished Uni.

So I had the luxury to sit there and cry. Then, I got drunk. On Brandivino and coke, cos we were on a very strict budget and Brandivino was like $4. Then I felt ashamed, cos I drank brandivino. Meh. Coke, however, was on our budget. Priorities.

I slept a lot. It was like an instant depression, though I didn't know that at the time. I spent entire days in the bath. Water makes me feel better.

I did no housework. I have no recollection of what I ate. I lived for his phone calls. Which were far apart, due to previously mentioned budget.

When he came home, there was mould growing in the kitchen and I was a pathetic mess. Must have been a lovely homecoming for him. :-/

So, this is why I bless mobile phones and the internet. When Hubby goes away I get pretty pictures. Like this one.

With the comment "they said it would be cold".

I get phone calls every day, when he is in range.

I get emails, of jokes his mates have told him. Of their reaction to the jokes I sent him to tell them. Which are usually "rather off".

And I'm okay.
I can cope.
I have a Princess, of course, to keep me supplied with cuddles and occupied with 11 yr old activities. Like the flu. With secondary infections.

I have friends. I had friends before, but they had all moved overseas, or were busy having exciting careers, cos that's what you do after finishing Uni, unless, like me, you got married and started saving. *and failed at every single job interview, but we won't go there* Now my friends are here.

So. Hubby can go away and not only will there be no tears, but the house is a little bit cleaner than before he left. :-)

And I have done some art to show him. And he missed seeing Madam Princess with spots. And we had chicken noodle soup EVERY night, cos it was all she could eat, but I didn't have to cook him something more substantial.

Is all good. And I might... just have one more vodka. While I watch Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn in " Desk set". With the Diva sitting on my shoulder and purring.

Cos it's all good.


  1. Technology is a marvelous thing. So long as you don't put the phone through the washing machine. Ahem.

    My hub works away 4-6 nights per week. The first night I usually feel just as you described that first time yours went away. Without the luxury of bed or bath (4 kids doncha know lol). I am a sooky la la and proud of it.

    But then I get over it and remember I can watch what I want once the kids are in bed, and we can eat toasted sandwiches or anything else I feel like.

    And it's all good :)

    Hope you're both feeling better very soon!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful post. Love. You reminded me of the time Dave went away for five days at the beginning of our relationship. I was a mess. He came home to mushrooms growing in the shower. No shit!

    Your comment on my blog made me smile - thank you!

  3. That does indeed look cold!

    I was a mess for the first few days when The Bald Mn used to go away for work, then I found my groove cos I had to get on with it for the boys.
    His homecoming was mixed with gladness in seeing him and frustration for he promptly took off his stinky socks and left them on the floor ;o)

  4. nawwwwwww... aren't you so adorable.

    I would be wondering who is going to put the damn bins out.

    I am such a romantic.

  5. The picture is beautiful! That's why I still live where I live. I crab about the cold, but there is something to be said for a cold crisp morning with little else around. Gorgeous, peaceful, etc.

    I hate being away from my husband. It seems though he kept going away while I was pregnant. Oh the tears and the hormones. They were only 2wk stints but they felt like eternities. I'm so glad he never took that better paying job that had him travelling 200+ days a year. could you imagine the mess I'd be then? Hugs, and enjoy the vodka. I know I do. And heck posts can turn out so much more amusing when they are written with a little buzz going on lol