Friday, 17 June 2011


I've got three lovely geriatric cats,
Healthy and still going right along,
Fur so soft and glossy that it entices pats,
Whiskers that are straight and oh so long.

Our furbabies, they have grown up with us,
they moved in before we said I Do,
as kittens, they caused all sorts of fuss,
all teeth and claws, a little softness too.

A tiny tigeress of a tabby cat,
who regally sat upon my upturned palm,
so serene, the next moment, a brat,
with sharp kitten teeth sunk into my arm.

The little Diva deigned to sleep on my chest,
her purr of contentment was such a joy,
an hour it took to decide it was time to rest,
spent chasing toes and then looking coy.

Our Tuxedo Man, the silliest of all felines,
Yet somehow a beau of elegance and style,
He sits still, all poise and gracefulness,
then bounds gazelle-like over many miles.

As a kitten he was a gleeful wanderer,
until in one backyard, was found a big doggie,
The neighbour called in those nice firemen,
to assist the fluffed out cat down from the tree.

Our black Burmese, he is not the social type,
cross eyed, bit awkward and so demanding,
He would snuggle under my neck at night,
then rip out my hair at Five am lest I sleep in.

Affection for him has not come so easily,
until our daughter's nightmares he did calm,
Sleeping under her pillow, so squishily
He keeps her dreams from causing any harm.

My furbabies have grown through their adulthood,
Into the restful twilight of their days,
the Diva still hunts some for gifts and food,
then rests up in the sun for several days.

Tuxedo man is forever climbing up those trees,
then crying for Mama to help him down,
I laugh, talk encouragingly, watch him suceed,
thinking of days when he'd leap off in one bound.

Our Burmese howler is sitting here next to me,
By the heater and soaking every ray of sun,
A "Heat Sink" is what he aspires to be,
A summer cat waiting out the colder months.

These babies, these furballs, are so part of me,
yet I know soon that horrid day will come,
I ignore it and enjoy these sleepy, furry beasts,
To whom I am their beloved adopted Mum.

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