Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday before camp week

Oddly, so relaxing.

A day spent packing the Princess' clothes for camp.
"No, the lace covered top is not suitable, how about the tracksuits from last year?"
And yes, she climbs trees in tea dyed lace.

"Have I mentioned yet it is going to RAIN the entire camp? Yes? So, gumboots are in, your spangly silver sneakers are out"
They are pink and purple sparkly gumboots.

"Come back here and stop playing the DS I know this is boring but I'm not the one who really needs to have this sorted by tomorrow, I can stop right now..."
Actually worked.

Last year I was in a total panic. My baby was going to camp. The camp was run by people I knew and they received a full list of what she can and can't eat. This year... a note about no tomatoes and a discussion about sensible choices with the daughter.

Last year, clothes sorted by day and in bags to separate each day, with the first put on clothes on top and the outer clothes in the bottom of the bag. Um... yeah, well did that this year too.

Last year, Mama was hyperventilating about her Princess going on the giant swing with her scoliosis. This year, well, she has done mammoth amounts of core muscle building and she'll be right, mate.

Last year, it was her BIRTHDAY while at camp and there must be cake. Which apparently is not allowed. When you arrive at camp with cake, if it has not been baked on the premises one discovers the evil birthday cake would contravene their food handling safety laws.
This year, it's months till her birthday.

But really, I think, it's just that she has been granted so many new learning situations, that she has so many adult friends looking out for her and helping her overprotective Mama let go and trust her to cope, that she is much healthier and more confident and I am just not worried.

Which feels weird.

Thank you to all our lovely friends who have taken the Princess under their wings and helped her learn to fly.

Now, I trust her. To be smart enough to know what she can do and strong enough to say no if she doesn't feel comfortable.

I'm not sure which one of us is growing up.

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  1. Oh this post made my heart hurt.
    The minute we fall pregnant there is this awful process of letting go.
    But let go we must...
    Beautiful post.