Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stamp Junkie alert.

I have lots of stamps.

Rubber decorative stamps, not the philatelic style that would ensure my geek status. I got out all the Stampin' Up stamps the other day and lay them out on my queen size bed. I have enough stamps to cover my Bed.

It was a bit of a wake up call. (yes, that was deliberate, I love sad puns and jokes!)

Did I think, "wow, I've got to stop buying more stamps, I must have every one I need right here!"

No. I noticed that I needed a "Get Well" stamp.

Did I think "I should totally put some of these on Ebay and make back some of the money I've spent!?"

No, but I did just win this gorgeous stamp set...
... on Ebay

I am arachnophobic, but I completely adore spider webs. Silky, delicate and drapey, like the sheerest fabric, a thread suitable for fairy dresses. Yes, I read a LOT of Enid Blyton as a child, why do you ask?
And my Entymologist Princess will love the spidey stamps.
I can't wait to emboss this web stamp with Stampin Up's Irridescent Ice embossing powder. *sighs happily*

Any way, what I DID think was, "Wow. That's a lot of stamps." I stood there for a moment, admiring the lovely collection before me. "Wow, That's a lot of money and guilt." Still admiring the collection, I wanted to make the bad feeling go away. And then I thought...

A greeting card costs about $4-6. So, to make it so that I have no guilt buying these toys, I need to make enough cards to balance out the cost of each stamp set. I am pricing a Scrapbook page at the same amount.

Who knows, I might develop some bookkeeping skills out of this. ;-)


  1. That's so unusual to be arachnophobic yet love spider webs. I guess if I could separate my terror of spiders from the webs they made I'd be ok. I'd love to see the "Get Well" stamp.

  2. I have tried to post and re post a comment on this post about 657 times.
    I wonder if this time ti will work??
    Here's the short of it.
    I say go for it!!
    If for nothing else, I read somewhere that stamps are in fact considered currency. Therefore really what you have there is a tidy little investment...