Thursday, 12 May 2011

pffaffling about

Quite suddenly, my life has become very quiet.
I don't have a scheduled activity everyday. And the one day I did, I slept in late and forgot about it.
And, other than missing that one, I am loving it.

I don't know if this is just healing time (grief and physical) or if I simply needed to slow down overall. I think both. I would have a daytime activity on everyday, fun one's like visiting friends, walking, gym, various classes and most after school nights as well. Princess was finding it hard to get her homework done. She was always exhausted. Still is, but her homework is getting done. I could feel I was pushing too hard, but I was having fun!

Then it stopped being fun, started being painful and tiring. Intellectually, I understood I still loved all the activities, it was that I didn't have the health and energy to enjoy them all properly. I was going through the motions.

So... this is sorta fun.

Today, I pffaffled around the house. Cleaned some mould off walls here, washed clothes, typed a little, organised some of Princess' camp packing and ate a packet of Gaiety biscuits. Felt a bit sick. Ignored that. Gave attention to the Diva Cat who was hanging around the Mac (cos it's warm) in order to get pats. She's not impressed when I do housework. It cuts into my "providing her with somewhere to sleep" time. I'm loving this old cat attitude. T'was a feral kitten, the Diva.
All of this was done while playing random songs on the iPod, which was connected to the Mac, to facilitate easy deletion of songs that were dodgy or boring. Some songs had been randomly placed on my Mac by Princess' friends and now I know for sure I don't enjoy Akon at all.

I like pffaffling. My head feels clearer. My body isn't aching and telling me off with words that I refuse to even use in private. Tomorrow, I am going to pffaffle some more. And I'll be loving it!

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  1. Yeah, takes a while to become a true pfaffler. Don't push it. Let it come. Enjoy.