Friday, 6 May 2011

My Aunty suggested to prioritise

My Aunty suggested to prioritise but I think it works better for me if I do a little of this and a little of that until something looks close enough to completion that I can rush to the end.

Not because I think my Aunty is in anyway incorrect.  Just that I have major issues making any sort of decision and prioritising is multiple and en masse making decisions.

It can leave me in a state of stasis for months.

However, Lists I love.  Lists that have no number or order.  Simply listing things I would like to do, need to do or have been gently suggested by long suffering husband that I could, hopefully, maybe do, no pressure in any way cos I know you just crumple into an adorable "in stasis" ball of overwhelmed-ness when faced with pressure.

Lists mean I don't have to be constantly thinking of what I need to do, I can just look at the list and choose something.

My lists are large and full of tiny, tiny things.

For example, today I am hoping to move some of the massive amounts of fabric I store in the craft room to boxes in the shed.  There is no space in my craft room for crafting!  Though it is very soft when I trip over the multiple bags and fall gracefully to the temporary fabric floor coverings.

So instead of "Move fabric" being on my list I have
"Unlock shed door"
"Put one load of fabric into a bag"
"Carry bag to shed"
"Place fabric in a box"

And look!  It is half done!  I has floor!

And this is how a depressed person manages things.  None of this one foot in front of the other, lets go for one toe in front of the other!

Oh yeah, babeey - I am the Queen of Tippy Toeing through the housework.

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