Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Music, oh Music, wherefore art thou?

I love new music as much as old music. Give me Ke$ha to dance to on the iPod, then let's put Noosha Fox's "S-s-s-single bed" on the record player. But what I miss about the new music is the freshness of discovering a new band at a pub, or from someone's record collection of obscure music.

Last year, a lovely, young friend make me a "mixed cd" (obviously realising a mixed playlist was too advanced for one of my skills) of weird and wonderful music and I adored it. I had never heard of almost all the musicians. It had "Do you wanna date my avatar?" by "The Guild", "Run" by "Air", "Hide & Seek" by "Naime Amuro" and Princess' favourite, "Lookin' lookin' gaa" by "Polysics". She calls it the "yelly song". It can be very useful when we are feeling frustrated. ;-)

Princess and I had this CD on constant rotation for several weeks, learning the "words" (making up english variations, sometimes!) dancing round the loungeroom together.

And I think that's where it becomes clear to me, it takes time to really appreciate new music, to let it become part of your psyche, to bond it with moments in time, plus opportunity to hear something new. I don't go to pubs and listen to bands, anymore. I don't watch Video Hits, since I refuse to let my Princess watch the soul demoralising soft porn that many of the video clips are these days. I don't listen to the radio, except in the car. And that's going to stop, cos My Princess gave me an FM transmitter for the iPod, so we can hear something other than my collection of 1980's cassettes while we drive. ;-) Pirate broadcasting in your own car! Oh YEAH!

Not that there is anything wrong with listening to Sharon O'Neill and Fleetwood Mac for months on end.
Or playing Sharon O'Neill and Fleetwood Mac on the new iPod through the new FM transmitter either. (whistles and avoids eye contact...)

So, New music! Come to me! How may I find you now?! Old music I haven't explored, how will I meet you?

It's not a cultural thing to go over to a friend's house and get out all your records now, compare musical tastes and have a day of dancing in the lounge room or making those "mixed tapes" to take to a party.

"Hi, can I sit at your computer and look through your playlists?" That feels a little stalkerish to me... though it is essentially the same activity.

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