Thursday, 28 April 2011

An untraceable blog?

How to make a blog that cannot be identified and linked to me, as an individual?
How could such a blog be of any interest to readers, when the aim will be to keep enough of my identifiable characteristics out of it?
How would I engage with people who might comment, when I will always be wondering if they have realised my identity?

(laughs) It reads like I am someone famous.  I am not.  And I so wish to remain that way.

Yet.  I want to write.  I want to have readers.  I want to read their thoughts and begin to find connections between us.

How do I give you something of myself without stepping over the line of, "Oh, Hi (insert name here), I thought I recognised you!"

I do not want to play a Masquerade.  Though that is fun, occasionally.

I do not wish to lie.  Nor hide aspects of my life.  So, that only leaves alteration.  The names have been changed.  Good start.  I shall not mention the seasons or lack thereof or where I live.  Indeed, I shall make up a name for "home".  I shall not leave subtle hints for those who "knew me when" to find.  Will this be enough?

So, Hello, My name is Eccentricess.  The Man is my life is known as Trickey.  (see how cleverly I derived that from my own name?)  The Small Female one in my life shall be referred to as the Princess.  (again!  Did you see it, did you see it?)    There is a smaller female, one covered in fur, who shall be known as the Diva.  Or maybe the One?  As in One Ring, being as she is evil, and she rules us all and binds us together in abject adoration.

On that note, this is an email I received from Trickey last night, who was supposed to be sitting with his legs up on a footstool, to give his poor, worn out veins a rest.

Help me! I'm trapped by an evil Diva (the cat, remember?) who uses mind control. I also have no feeling in my legs any more. Whenever I shift them she growls at me! 

Being the loving partner that I am, I wrenched myself from the comfort of my bed, where I had been indulging in some David Eddings and privacy, to cajole the Diva into abandoning her comfortable spot, stretched along Trickey's extended legs, cutting off the circulation he was trying to boost.  

She doesn't growl at me.  She lurrrrrrves her Eccentricess with an obsessive possessiveness.  I can even pat her while she is eating.  (this activity is not recommended for anyone else)  

So, now the post is written.  Do I share it with anyone?